Voices of El Shaddai - Gospel

Voices of El Shaddai: 7 - 10 people from a group of 25 singers. Their sound of Spirituals and Gospel music help to form the great cultural heritage of their descendents, the Gullah people of Hilton Head Island. They are a long standing element of the popular native islander Gullah celebration that takes place in February during Black History Month. Gail Ragland is Choir Manager/Leader, Eddie Days Jr is Director and Lavon Stevens is Advisor and Music Director.

Patsy – June Wedding
My sister has had Voices perform for two weddings in Beaufort. I don't know that gospel choirs have performed much around here. Their voices and performance blew everyone's mind with joy and happiness! Thank you so much for being available to travel such a distance...our teeny church has never heard such heavenly singing. We had the happiest newlyweds and guests as I could ever imagine. I am still on cloud nine with your singing.