Band Wedding Reception Questionnaire

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Form must be filled out and submitted 60 days prior to wedding.
You may either fax this form to 843.689.3446 or hit "Submit" below.

For the Wedding reception, please indicate which of the following traditions you will observe and approximate time:
If there is a diagram or layout of location, please provide a copy. Also, please provide copy of timeline to band once finalized. Please select songs from Artist Play list if possible. All special requests for music not on the Artist’s Play list are subject to approval by the artist. In some cases, the selection may not be the style or arrangement appropriate for the band. Requests for a song not currently being performed by the artist must be received a minimum of 60 days in advance of the performance date. It will be the responsibility of the Bride/Groom to provide this information to us. It must include a cd and sheet music of the song. In most cases, requests must be limited to one per engagement. The request for additional songs may necessitate an additional charge. After 60 days, if this information has not been given, the artist would be happy to play your favorite CD. It is therefore our agreement with the band that there will be no special requests after 60 days.